Tech Task #1: About me!

Hello World,

My Name is Nick Barnes and I am in my 4th year of the Middle Years Education Program and in my last semester before I graduate!  I was born and raised in Regina and plan on sticking around for years to come.  I’m blessed with having an amazing and supportive family and friends.  My mom teaches Ukrainian at Massey school and much of my passion for teaching comes from her.  My sister has traveled over the world for years but she’s finally back home finishing up her law degree so it’s been awesome to have her around and see her on a regular basis again.  My girlfriend is currently in second year pharmacy in Saskatoon so I spend a lot of my weekends going up to visit her.  I also work at the Keg Steakhouse and bar as a dining room server.  I enjoy it because the hours are flexible and the staff is also great!

I have a fair amount of experience with regards to technology but I’m excited to continue learning about new ways that I can incorporate technology into the classroom.  Through twitter and other sources of social networking I’m always trying to come across new ideas and tools that can be integrated in the classroom.  I was fortunate enough to hear about an activity called “Mystery Skype” through a friend on twitter.  Essentially you Skype another class and through answering yes or no questions we had to try and figure out their location. There were a variety of roles that students were assigned to for the activity.  We had back channelers, mappers using Google maps, as well as other students using Google to narrow down locations.  It exposed me to many different tools that can be used in the classroom and I plan on doing more activities like this in the future!

When it comes to using technology in the classroom there are benefits and limitations that come with it.  I do believe that technology in the classroom is the way of the future therefore implementing it properly can definitely be beneficial for student learning.  Anytime you can use sites such as YouTube in the classroom it is only going to spark students’ interest as this is the type of program that they are using at home.  At the same time, it’s important that students don’t become reliant on technology and are still given the opportunities to learn through other methods of instruction.

Ultimately, I hope through taking ECMP355 I will learn and discover different programs and tools via the web that I will be able to apply in the classroom.  I’m looking forward to the class and getting the chance to step my twitter game up, hopefully I’ll come accross a few Twooshes along the way!



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